Urban Gardens in Atlanta's Westside

HWG is changing the Historic Westside by empowering residents to grow their own food. Our Garden Angels—themselves residents of the community—plant the seeds of change, sowing and nurturing home gardeners one garden at a time.

Urban Agriculture empowers the community

A home garden grows more than vegetables. It grows personal food access, personal health, and personal wealth. Home gardeners secure their access to fresh food in a food desert. They take control of their personal health by changing their habits in choosing and preparing meals. And they increase their personal wealth by using their food production to participate in the local food economy.

Garden Angels are the keys to creating and nurturing backyard gardeners. A Garden Angel is a resident of the neighborhood who builds relationships with gardeners. Their holistic approach is based around the impact that growing food can have on issues of access, nutrition, health and economic development. By establishing personal connections with each home gardener, they are able to address individual needs and concerns while connecting them together in a community of support and security.