The mission of Historic Westside Gardens is to foster community self-determination through building equitable networks around healthy, fresh and affordable food.


HWG was co-founded by volunteers of the Obama presidential campaign of 2008. HWG incorporated after receiving the approval of NPU-L in July 14, 2009.

From 2010 to 2015 HWG operated a training garden at 280 Elm St. on the front yard of vacant properties. In 2010 HWG received a grant to train ten residents of Vine City / English Avenue in natural urban agriculture, self-help and entrepreneurship. All of them graduated after sixty days of training, and some became entrepreneurs in Urban Agriculture while others stayed involved in community leadership.

In 2013 we started building a garden at the corner of Delbridge St. and Vine Street. In 2012 HWG conducted a survey which indicated that residents would prefer assistance to grow fresh food in their homes. In 2014 we started GLEN as a pilot project of raised beds gardens at Odyssey Villas apartment complex and connected them to the garden at Delbridge/Vine.

In 2016 HWG obtained a grant to expand GLEN beyond the fences of Odyssey Villas and spread it to the entire community of NPU-L. 2016 Fall, a hub garden is planned in English Avenue.


3338 Peachtree Rd. NE Unit 1108
Atlanta, GA 30326

404 308 1899